There's not a whole heck of a lot to say in the way of acknowledgements for this site, but other than my own work, I have had some very useful help along the way.

My Star Trek quotes pages are primarily thanks to the help of others who have sent me quotes and corrections. These acknowledgements are made on a seperate page, however. My humour and Star Trek humour areas consist of items I have been sent or have found on the Internet in the main.

Some help with images has been given by my brother, Alan Jacob (contact c/o me). He's responsible for the rather nice frog on the title of my home page, and for some of the other graphics around the site.

Perhaps the most obvious "Thank you!" should go to a certain Mr. Barry Hughes aka Bazza or Rakoth who was kind enough to host my site for me for years and years -- I think actually somewhat over a decade. Barry's a genuinely decent bloke, and a damn good photographer.

I've been given several awards for my Star Trek page and these, along with assorted memberships and miscellaneous related things can be seen on my Memberships, Awards, Etc. page.

Thanks go to everyone who has helped make this site what it is.

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