Contact Information


I have various e-mail addresses, but the following address should always work:
<sj AT>
Please note that due to time constraints, I may not always be able to reply to e-mail quickly.


I used to be found on IRC fairly regularly, as Worf on DALnet for the most part, but the fact is that in the past decade, I've rarely been on IRC. Effectively never nowadays.


If you want to contact me by phone, you either already have my phone number or you can e-mail me to ask for it!


...same thing with postal mailing address. If you have a good reason for knowing either this or my phone number (and you think I'm likely to agree that you should have such details!) you can always e-mail me and ask me.


My cannonical web site address is, and should always be:
My main site, however, is really still to be found at

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