What People Have to Say about My Web Site

"As I wipe tears of laughter from my eyes, I thank you."
-- clsims@dmu.ac.uk

"Stephen you git, are you still alive??"
-- srphayre@indigo.ie

"Much cool pages!!!!!"
-- egolding@indigo.ie

"What will they think of next?!"
-- bhowie@netins.net

"Why does my tricorder keep making funny noises?"
-- jkr@enterprise.net

"Excellent Stuff!!"
-- mackenzi@limestone.kosone.com

"great site!!!!.......I give it 9 data's on a 10 data scale"
-- a@myself.com (?!?)

-- Jerry_Seinfeld@msn.com

"please, let me out! i was surfing the net when suddenly i hit some sort of secret government code and some FBI agents showed up at my house and took me to a secret laboratory under an old train car where they perfomed tests on my brain (which is still in a glass bottle in Texas) which slowly pulled me into ano- ther dimension! HELP ME! PLEASE!!!"
-- rysto giencanna

"Wiible, wible, I'm a teapot"
-- powg@mail.internexus.co.uk

"There are square dancers in my bedroom!"
-- johnnyg2@ix.netcom.com

"Star Trek is funny!"
-- n.gasser@uibk.ac.at

"I have fallen in love with all of the pages. Still searching."
-- sprint@gil.com.au

"Help,I'm lost and I can't get out !!!"
-- tedebear@inwav.com

-- Lucas Campbell
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