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What's all this about then...?

This page is an archive and official distribution site for counter digit styles which I have created. It also provides links to cool counter- and digit-related sites.

"What on earth is a web counter digit style?!?", you ask. Well, you are all familiar with web page counters -- those pictures in all sorts of styles and colours showing the number of visits or visitors received by a web site. An awful lot of these counters are produced by a very nice piece of software by Muhammad Muquit called Count (or, long form, WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock). This very clever piece of software comes with several different digit styles (like a font for the counter), but you can download loads of extra digit styles from web sites around the world (see the links page).

You can also, with a bit of knowledge, make your own digit styles! These pages are a repository for the humble digit styles which I have created...

If you have questions about either the Count program or digit styles, see the help page.

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