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Everything you need to know about using these counters is explained very well by the Count home page and DigitMania. There is no point in my trying to replicate that here!

Basic requirements, however, are that you have an account on a web server where you have access to run CGI programs. You also need a shell account on the machine to compile the software (Count), or you need a more or less identical system on which to compile it before ftp'ing it all over to the web server.

Another scenario may be that your ISP or your system administrator already has Count installed and you merely want an extra digit style that isn't yet available. Then you need to ask them nicely (and bribe them with beer or pizza if necessary) to install the additional style for you.

The former method is far more technically difficult, however your beer and pizza budgets may be an inhibiting factor in the second.

Good luck! ...and please don't ask me for help if you have problems -- I have massive problems answering all the e-mail I get already and ... as far as Count is concerned ... I'm just a user of the product like you!

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